Tao Therapy

Why aren't people happy more often?

The patterns we see in nature have evolved over millions of years to be as simple and energy efficient as is possible.


Man is one result of these millions of years of refinement and yet something seems to be wrong, because in one way or another millions of people experience emotional discomfort on a day to day basis.

For most this discomfort is mild but for some, it can seem a constant struggle to maintain even a small degree of happiness.

In the physical world, discomfort is viewed as a signal that something is wrong but in the emotional world unhappiness is often seen as something to be suppressed or fought against. In some cases the mind is actually viewed as the enemy.

Contrary to many opinions our minds do not have a design fault. Millions of years of evolution deserve more credit than that. Behind most peoples unhappiness is the fact that they are not letting their mind work in the way it was designed to work by Nature.

The human mind is always processing information and makes the best choice it is aware of based on the information it has available to it.

If some of the information our minds are working with is false though, there will be a conflict between what the mind thinks is 'true' and 'reality'. The ‘Natural’ response would be to let the real world or experience update and correct our thinking.

The only reason a person might resist this 'updating' is if they believe it is the best choice they have e.g. they have been taught that it is the only way to achieve and sustain happiness.

However, experience shows us that unhappiness only occurs when we are resisting reality.

This is an area that has been explored in depth in many eastern traditions and philosophies.

The natural principles talked about in these traditions and philosophies are often held up to be great secrets but they are in fact as close and accessible to you as taking your next breath.

The goal of Tao Therapy is to explain in simple, easy terms a direct route to happiness (and freedom from anxiety) based on natural principles,

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