Tao of Happiness

So Tao Therapy is simply an approach that aims to bring you to an understanding of the above ideas which frees you to:

1) Realise that happiness is your natural state and you don’t need to do/be anything to be content. This, in turn, allows you to accept yourself as you are,unconditionally. This is another way of describing self-love because true love is unconditional acceptance.

2) Because you no longer require other people to behave in a certain way for you to be happy, you can accept them unconditionally too. This again is true love and freedom (because it frees you from the tyranny of worrying what people might think about you).

3) Once this is seen it is a short step to accepting all of life unconditionally too because you are no longer dependent on events or surroundings for your contentment or happiness. You have become your own light and now understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is actually a state of mind.

4) Also because moment to moment reality is allowed to update your understanding and the equation your mind is working from, your responses are immediately many times more functional insightful and appropriate to what is REALLY happening in your life experience.

To put it another way

There is an old Zen saying “Only cease to cherish opinions.”

Because when we cherish opinions, we are discontent whenever reality contradicts our opinions or thoughts of how things 'should' be.

- So in this one simple act (cherishing opinions), we make our contentment totally dependent on externals because when life conforms to our opinions of how things should be, we are happy, if it doesn't we are discontent. Now we value appearance over substance. But more importantly, our friend reality is now perceived as a threat

Ironically we only want life to conform to our opinions of how things should be so that we can accept life, let go and be content.

So you see happiness isn't a game of chance, it is our natural state......

and contentment isn't really dependent on things like the weather or someone else's mood.

“The Sun doesn’t need an object to shine upon in order to be warm.” as Ramana Maharishi from the Non-dualistic tradition said.

Let reality be your opinion, and you will never be wrong.

Because life isn't always what a person considers 'perfect' they will often be discontent.

As Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy.”

But perfection (our opinion of how things 'should be') is an invention. We know this because each person will use a variety of different criteria to determine whether something qualifies for what they call 'perfection'. It has long been recognised in Japan for instance, that nature is 'imperfect' and there are whole areas of their art which attempt to achieve this imperfection perfectly.

When we understand that life is perfectly imperfect, we can find happiness in the ordinary, then.......

......everything becomes extraordinary!

To most people it sounds strange that the acceptance of ordinary experiences could be a source of great happiness, so lets apply this to an everyday situation.

What else can you be but yourself, but rather than accept this, people are of the opinion they should be seen in a certain way (live up to a certain label). So they proceed to wear a thousand masks a day, trying to 'control' what people think of them, pretending to be someone or something they are not, anxious of being discovered and ultimately unhappy.

Being happy to be as you are, in that authentic 'self' acceptance, who can take happiness away from you? Who can give you more?

Body breathes, heart beats, sun rises, happiness.

Air presses in on our bodies at 15 pounds a square inch we drink from the rivers we eat from the land and yet:

We still somehow find it easy to believe we are separate from this ecology and must make 'everything else' in life conform to 'our' opinions before we can be happy.

Tao Therapy is really just about seeing what is, as it is, but due to misunderstanding, people are afraid to allow this. Tao Therapy merely helps people see that it is safe to get out of their own way.

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