Tao of Happiness

Happiness is often just a matter of seeing things from a different perspective.

I’d like you to consider the following. I don’t ask that you accept it as true. I ask you to examine it and notice if there is anything you can take from it.

It's a common belief that only when we, people or events behave as we want, can we be content or happy. This is quite a persistent belief because we seem to be punished with emotional pain (discontent) unless our behaviour, people and events are exactly as we think they should be.

Therefore we try to control ourselves, people and events in order to either ‘gain’ happiness or ‘avoid’ pain.

Fortunately, we have it the wrong way round. Our natural state of mind is happiness and contentment. It is only our efforts to try and control everyone and everything that causes us pain and perpetuates the misunderstanding that our happiness is dependent on the behaviour of people or events.

In fact, if you were to let go (of trying to control everything) and accept yourself unconditionally you would fall into your natural state. This is easier said than done but upon realising this, you would understand that there is nothing to do (or force) to be happy, there is no event or person you have to control (or impress) in order to be content or avoid pain.

What a relief. You could be yourself. The painful penalty for not realising this can sometimes lead to people getting depressed, despondent or turning to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, thrill seeking and other distractions in an effort to seek relief from the effort of trying to single-handedly control the entire world all the time.

Put another way when we experience emotional pain it is a signal to us that we have placed the world on our back again. However emotional pain is just a helpful reminder for us to return to sanity. In the same way that physical pain is a helpful reminder to remove our hand from a flame.

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